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Hotel Tolero - Ploče

It’s located on halfway between Split and Dubrovnik and in surrounding of only 10 km there are various nature beauties which will amaze you with their uniqueness. Mountains, lakes, rivers and lush valleys are at your feet and will fascinate and astonish you.

- Baćina Lakes - Just a few kilometers away from Ploče, Baćina Lakes are situated, waved out of 7 lakes, 6 of which are connected, and which are also connected by walking and cycling path. The legend says that Illyrian queen Teuta worshiped Baćina lakes and because of that they are also well known as “pearls of queen Teuta”.

Activities on Baćina Lakes
• Fotosafari
Enjoy the ride in traditional boat Lađa, one of the most important means of transport in past century in the area of Neretva. The beauty of the lakes as well as rich flora and fauna will amaze you with their uniqueness. Friendly hosts will greet you and treat you by homemade herb brandy and seasonal fruit for refreshment.

• Kayaking
Experience and find peace far away from crowded beaches in heart of nature. Kayaking will provide you a wonderful experience and it is a fantastic choice for everyone - families, couples and those who are eager for adventure.

• Paddlesurf
Paddle surf club with professional tour guides and instructors will teach anyone to stand up Paddle in just a few minutes course. Paddle surf is a great opportunity to meet the culture and rich diversity of flora and fauna around the lakes.

• Following bunker trails
HPD Grabovica Ploče set up the temathic trail “Following bunker trails” which leads to 7 bunkers and one cannon storage. It goes through two small villages, follows drywalls and Illyrian tumuli. The trail is marked with signposts, markings and information boards with information about the paths. Along the information about circumstances of the bunker’s creation and some events from World War II, information about plants, animals, speleology and traditional games and customs can be found. Striževo is also well-known habitat of mouflons, which were brought there as a gift from the Brijuni Islands in 1978.

Hotel Tolero

Even though Ploče is the youngest town in Croatia it has a soul and perfect traffic connection.

The Neretva valley
The Neretva valley is a beautiful and remarkable landscape. It is geographically entirely different from the rest of the Croatian Adriatic coast. It is rich in plant and animal life because there are more than 310 species of birds and 820 plant species. Neretva valley is also rich in valuable heritage and the most numerous cultural and historical monuments are Illyrian stone piles and medieval stećci. The most notable is the archaeological site in Vid where in Roman times was the great city of Narona, where you can see up to now found Roman remains in the Narona Archaeological Museum in Vid. You can discover stunning Neretva valley while enjoying on photo safari by traditional autochthonous Neretva boats or simply kayaking with guides. Common names for the Neretva Valley are Golden Valley and Croatian California because of its extremely rich soil and golden mandarin orange trees on large plantations. In October and November through the Neretva a unique tourist event – picking mandarin in the Neretva Delta is organized and it can be one-day, two-day or three-day experience.

Neretva Estuary
The estuary of river of Neretva was declared a protected area as a special ornithological-ichthyological reserve by the decree of the Government of the Republic of Croatia dated August 20, 2020. Just a few kilometers away from Ploče is this attraction with one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia. In recent years, it has been gathering an increasing number of kite surfers and wind surfers from all over the world, as the mouth of River of Neretva, thanks to its unique position between the Neretva River Valley and Pelješac peninsula, is one of the windiest spots for water sport lovers who need wind.

Jezero Valley
Staševica Valley is surrounded by mountains and formed by Matica River. It is home to some of the best local vines. Trnak is a unique sort of grape that grows only in this area. Unpaved roads through the fields make some of the best cycling trails in the area.


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Visit Ploče

Nature beauties will amaze You

Even though Ploče is the youngest town in Croatia it has a soul and perfect traffic connection. It’s located on halfway between Split and Dubrovnik and in surrounding of only 10 km there are various nature beauties which will amaze you with their uniqueness. Mountains, lakes, rivers and lush valleys are at your feet and will fascinate and astonish you.

Due to the exceptional location of the accommodation, you have the opportunity for various activities such as visiting the surrounding Mediterranean cities or exploring the Dalmatian coast by cruising the neighboring islands and Pelješac peninsula, a famous wine region.

Events in city of Ploče

Lađa Marathon

The first Lađa marathon was held in 1998. and it takes place on second Saturday in August. This is an amateur sports competition in boat racing in length of 22,5 km from Metković to Ploče on the river of Neretva in traditional autochthonous vessel. By number of competitors this is one of the most massive competitions in Croatia and it gathers over 600 participants. Also, according to viewers it’s one of the greatest events and it’s followed by several tens of thousands of people along the entire coast of the river of Neretva in touristic or private boats and also in train which is specially organized for this event. Main goal of this event is promotion and preservation of culture and tourism development. Finish line of the Marathon is just in front of the hotel, from where you can enjoy in spectacular view while participants enter the finish line in the bay of Ploče.

Easter breakfast

Easter breakfast is a traditional event that takes place on Easter Monday, organized by the association of artisans of city of Ploče in cooperation with Tourist Board of Ploče. Every year it gathers many citizens of Ploče and surrounding but also numerous visitors from all over Croatia. The rich menu includes delicacies such as asparagus with eggs, and risotto cooking competition which attracts an increasing number of teams, and famous MasterChef’s and chefs are on jury to evaluate cooked dishes. The World championship in egg shooting with a coin is held every year as well as various games for children and young people.

Fisherman’s Night

Fisherman’s Night in Ploče is a folk festival where traditional dishes of Neretva valley like fish stew, risotto, seafood salads, grilled fish and frogs and other dishes are prepared and it takes place on last Saturday in August. At this event is up to 80 participants from all over the city and surrounding areas, and this number increases every year. The audience can taste everything for free and evaluate the competitors since the competition has no official evaluation.

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Kitesurfing and windsurfing on Neretva river delta
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